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Lital cohen

 I was very skeptic at the beginning but the change in my daily behavior and my ability to feel and to open my heart is amazing. 
I received many tools with which I intend to work constantly in the future. 
I feel completely liquid without any knowledge of my next step and I actually feel joy about it. 
I also want to do think all the women participating in this club I feel that I have some true friends and a true small community to share my feelings and to talk to anytime. Endings is a sensitive subject for me so I also feel sadness for not seeing you guys every week via zoom, but I am here anytime someone needs to connect and hopefully we will continue this connection in the future...


I found my session with Dor very helpful to explore my feelings. Dor is calm and supportive, allowing me to work through some deeply hidden feelings. He gave me time to sit with myself to go deeper to recognise the difference between feelings and emotions. Dor has a strong supportive questioning style that helped me to unpack my emotions and feelings to allow me to experience in a non-judgemental way what I am angry about. I'd recommend Dor, he knows what he's doing!