In our coaching sessions, your will expand what is possible for you.

You will change the structure of how your box was built so far and make new options visible. You will feel your feelings and and find a new shape, that will fit the choices you want to make for your life.


We work with clients 1:1, with couples, teams, or communities.

1.5 hours  / Sliding scale of 50 -150 €

1:1 Coach-in-Circle Coaching


Discover different ways of working together

Business Meeting at a Cafe

Get to know each other call

10-20 Minutes  /   free

If you have a “Yes!” or an “uuuhm maybe…” for working with us then the next step is one of our free “Getting to know each other” call.


If you have a preference for which Coach-In-Circle member(s) you would like the call with, please make sure to specify below.


This call gives you the opportunity to connect with us, ask questions, share specific needs, feel the vibe of the Coach-In-Circle, and generally sense into if you connect with us.


Talk to you soon!


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