My name is Jennifer, also called: "The Love Warrior"


I am here to guide you to break through old beliefs that are holding you back from creating the life your soul is longing for. 

Do you have the feeling that you are stuck in patterns that don't serve you anymore?

I help you find the treasures in these “hard” times and give you tools to start seeing the lessons so you can be grateful for it and move forward. 


I will do this by guiding you into the deeper layers of your feelings and emotions which are able to connect you with your true desires. You will get the tools to use the information of your feelings and emotions to give your life the direction that is true and authentic for you.

I can help you make new decisions and take the action to go for the things that you really want. You will become a Warrior who capable to look at their own shadows and understand the path of healing and evolution. You will be able to fight for what you want from a place of deep love and gratitude for life itself.


You will become a true Love Warrior!


“A Love Warrior will always fight for something bigger than themselves for the highest good of all beings.”

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About Me

My parents always told me proudly that I was made on the pooltable of their bar. They had a Café in The Hague, a big city in a small Country, named: “The Netherlands,” the place where I was born.


I was raised by my two “funny” parents who loved each other deeply but didn't know how to relate to each other. They were mostly fighting and they loved to drink to solve their problems. 

As I grew up in a bar I got introduced to alcohol myself at a very young age. I started understanding why my family was drinking so much. When you drink, you don’t have to feel the pain and life becomes “fun...” 


Beside I found out how to numb myself with alcohol (and other drugs), there was a part of me that had a strong drive to find a “good” job. After highschool I went into the army where I worked for 7 years. Meanwhile I studied to become a Beauty Specialist, Sport Masseuse and finally I became a Nurse.


After years of trying different things to fit within society, I still didn't feel satisfied. I started realizing that this way of living was maybe not meant for me… I needed a drastic change!

My Warrior Journey

At the age of 27 I reached my deepest point. I was unhappy with my job as a nurse, I didn’t know how to maintain a healthy relationship and I was addicted to alcohol and cocaine… 


I started questioning myself: “Who am I? How did I become this person?”


My life began to shift. Suddenly yoga got my interest and other transformational ways like plant medicines came across my path. I started realizing that the life I was living was not created by me, but by the society I'm living in!

I needed to get out of this trap and I decided to go to the Jungle where I lived for 2 months with an indigenous tribe called: “Yawanawa”. 


This experience brought me back to my own pure essence. With deep gratitude for being alive as a human being on this planet, I was able to quit my addictions and other dysfunctional patterns. 

Because I was able to see through the bullshit created within modern society, I decided to buy a van, named “Gompie”, to step out of it. I drove to Portugal to live in harmony with nature within communities. Not knowing that this was just the first step of a bigger journey…


After 2 years of traveling it became clear that I had to do more than just driving around in my van and working on the land.

I started realizing that the knowledge I got from the tribe and the transformation I've been through, has value to share with other people who are still “stuck” in their old way of living.


At that moment I bumped into one of the trainings of Possibility Management. I was amazed by the tools they have to start living your life in the most pure and authentic way. Somehow I could relate this with what I have learned from my experience with the Indigenous Tribe. 

Only this time I found something I could easily bring to other people! 


With clear maps and distinctions Possibility Management explains how to be human in its purest and most functional way. Through which you can find purpose, love and connection in your life.


It includes feelings-, emotional- , and deep shadow work. It gives you clarity about how you are the creator of your own reality and tools for how to take radical responsibility for all your actions. It gives you back your own authority through which you are able to create the life you want.

My Love Warrior Offers

If you book a session with me I guide you through deeper layers of your emotions, by asking questions you will find out how you are programmed through the years. It will become clear what you still carry with you as a child or maybe even from past life times. 


After that we start working with conscious feelings through which you will get clarity about what really matters to you in the present moment from your adult state. 

It will get clearer what’s time to let go from childhood, what needs to change, and which direction you want to go. 


After you have made your new decision I will give you different practices to integrate this in your life and become the “new” you from your adult state.


From the moment you know what you want we are gonna start with Archetypal Anger work. By learning how to connect with your Conscious Anger you will become unstoppable to make this happen in your life. You feel the energy of taking action and change deep in your bones. There is no way back anymore, you will become a true Love Warrior.


Online and in-person:

  • Conscious Anger Work

  • Conscious Feelings Work

  • Emotional Healing Session


Only in-person:

  • Rapé Centering Session 

  • Emotional Healing Dance

  • Massage, Relax and just Be (also very important) 

Contact Me Directly

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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