Here are several possibilities to choose something else, and go on a path that leads you to different places.

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Rage Clubs

Rage Clubs are a great way to start and connect to your conscious feelings and heal the unconscious role anger plays in your life.


Become a Coach

You have searched all your life for the next piece of wisdom,

Next-Paragaim of thinking, and the next challenge is to expand your consciousness.


You have reached this Coach-In-Circle team, sounds like you are a person for this Job

No one can do it for you, and no one can stop you from doing it.

The world needs more coaches! urgently! just look at the world and see.


In this Training, you will work with our team to share with you the latest “technology” for Coaching, the distinction you need to know about, and the “Thought Ware” to shift the way you think about what you think.

This training space is a vulnerable, sensitive self-transformation space. It takes a lot of healing, and passion for what you want to change in the world.


Send us a contact message that you want to join the training, and we will share with you all the information you need to know, then coordinate a call with one of the coaches.


Online Trainings

Here you get to subscribe and enjoy all the content and online material coming out of the circle, and invite private coaching sessions with the coaches. 

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