Baby Coach-in Circle 

You join a 1-year experimental “Coach-in Circle” circle, where together with other teammates you're going into an initiation to become a Coach-in Circle coach. 


This journey is about taking more responsibility for yourself and your surroundings than ever before, It is about working in a team and not as a lone wolf,

It's about expanding your “Box” about what it means to be a coach, and 

already working with clients and sharing what you have so far, on the GO.


In this work, We get to do experiments together that deepen our context of work,

We get to work on consciously feeling and navigating with our emotional body

We get to fly as human beings are supposed to. 


The commitment is for a 1-year journey. There is a way into the circle and there is a way out. 

No one can stop you from bringing your adult self to take part in that space, nobody can do it for you.


Investment: 13 Euros (Or the equivalent in your coin, including crypto) per week of participating in the circle paid monthly. 


You get WEEKLY meetings of 2:15 hours where you get Maps and distinctions that come from the context of Possibility Management, experienced with the group by doing experiments and exploring together.

You get to ask for Emotional healing processes from your team to heal the part of you that needs healing to do this work

You get to work on your shadow world, your 5 bodies, your 4 feelings, and with your sword of clarity.

You get practices to do at home for the rest of the week

You get to be part of a telegram group where you can create further exploration and connection with your team

You get feedback and coaching on your path as needed from the original “Coach-in Circle” coaches that hold space for the program.


The commitment is to participate in the whole journey, with no expectation from you of not missing any weeks. You are committing to announce more than 24 hours in advance if you're not joining that week. 3 emergencies when you didn't have time to announce can happen, after that, it may be a cause to be requested to leave the circle.


WHEN :  

The meetings will take place every Wednesday, starting the 10th of August,

7.30-9:45 Pm CET 

We will start exactly on time, latecomers will not be admitted to the space.



Send the first month of participation to 

to Paypal - (*as a gift, or send a bit more to cover the fee)

Or better to Revolut account :

Or bank 

IBAN: LT42 3250 0039 5438 5412


Beneficiary: Dor Sharabi


This journey is not only for you, it's a new spirit into this world that is thirsty for coaches, they will see its sailes safe on new winds into sweet waters. 



The Coach-In Circle team.


The world need more Coaches

Be Part of a team of coaches

The new way of coaching is in a Circle

Get Maps and Distinctions

Coming from Next-Culture, and Possibility Management Context

Start to coach already

Use the knowledge and Thoughtware you getting on the GO, there are already people out there that need you


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