The Full Story

About Coach-in Circle

This Gameworld started with a calling to gather some appreciated Colleagues and Edge-workers to create different Coaching possibilities for ourselves and others.


A codex is a document that shares the context of Nomadica Nano-Nation. you can find the full Codex document  here 

What are we about?

Creating an offer of value for people in collaboration.

Bringing this work to thousands of people

Spread around the importance of having a team

Creating adventure together where we bring our work to life together.

We all have different coaching specialties and coming together in collaboration gives you more possibilities to get to support you in your next step.


Do a live stream in the European Ecovillage global network next year! 

Creating the first PM Coaching circle festival! 


Create a sustainable ecosystem for coaches to be able to do their work while traveling the world, and living in the villages they choose.

Coach-In Circle’s Bright Principles

Empowerment. Connection.

Clarity. Possibility. Transformation. Integrity.